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  • 04 January 2015

Our Service

Our company is the one of few companies has be allowed to serve this service in Thailand. We provide the parts to world-wide customer. Many tons of Aluminium and Titanium use for re-produce the new material for many industries.

Our service is separate used aircraft parts for producing the new material. We have experienced machinery disassembling team to guarantee more than 99.99% yield of production you will get, this will make sure you will be well worth for the investment.

For Boeing 747-300

When we disassempling Boeing 747-300 and we will get about 120 tons of material parts/one airplane (not included jet engines, their accessories, electronic components and tires). And the 120 tons of material you can extract to 70% of aluminium and 30% of titanium.

Our price

  • $535,000 /one airplane
  • Disassempling service included
  • Free shipping !!
  • How to order:

    • Send us order & LOI
    • We reply specification & quotation to you
    • On-Site Survey (if you needed)
    • You issue ICPO, COD/LC to start working process
    • Processing, seperating parts 30-90 days depend on order quantity
    • Parts Shipment (FOB)
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